What’s in a name?

candescent (adj | can·des·cent):
glowing from, or as if from, great heat


For well over a decade, radiologists have been feeling the heat—demands for more reads turned around faster, while contending with growing patient volumes, rapidly evolving diagnostic technologies and downward pressure on reimbursements.

531cDv3jCandescent Health comes from the belief that we can illuminate a path forward with you. Our goal is to address the most complicated and, sometimes most uncomfortable, issues head on. We’re here to unburden you so you can get back to the care of patients. Instead of focusing on a few small facets within radiology, we’re devoted to shedding light on the entire clinical workflow so we can help you see and face the changes needed.

We view your struggles as our own and we partner with you to make the enhancements that the future of care delivery requires. That future begins when we help you realize the results that can come with key workflow improvements – e.g., better QA, strategic and resourced routing, load balancing of cases, etc. Eventually, we’ll see these best practices and results radiating out to a growing network of radiologists like you who share expertise to make sure that every patient has access to the most appropriate specialist regardless of where they live.

CAN- (3 of 36)As we enter into 2017, we can clearly see opportunities ahead to reduce your headaches, increase team productivity and satisfaction, and capture the business insights needed to consistently deliver a single standard of care. However, the only way forward is by passing through the heat (and discomfort) of your current situation. It requires brave transformers to make the types of changes that healthcare’s future requires.  And partners like us need to bring deep knowledge, new ideas and urgency, light and heat, to understand and then help meaningfully shift the way you deliver care.

Together, we will face the fire. Together, we take the illuminated path forward.  Together, we will create candescent health.