Our Partnership with GE Health Cloud

FullSizeRenderAs with every HIMSS Conference, the week is jam packed with vendor announcements. But there is one that we’re particularly excited about – GE Healthcare’s announcement, focused on its new GE Health Cloud. Candescent Health will be one of the partners joining the ecosystem.

Here’s a bit of background.

The GE Health Cloud rests on the shoulders of GE’s industrial-strength Predix™ platform and will connect more than 2 million imaging machines worldwide, including 500,000 GE Healthcare devices. The overall goal of this collaborative effort is to bring IT solutions for clinicians across a range of care areas, including neurology, cardiology, radiology and surgery.

And here’s where we come in.

Through our software-enabled service, our goal is to help radiology organizations better manage workflows, improve clinical consistency and increase physician efficiencies. By integrating with the GE Health Cloud, we aim to make it easier and more cost-efficient to bring our technology and services to our customers.