Enabling Care Transformation

By Scott Seidelmann, CEO, Candescent Health – September 30, 2015
Welcome to the Candescent Health blog, where we share our view on breaking healthcare news, major industry trends and how providers are reshaping the care delivery model to deliver real healthcare value.

Candescent Health is enabling real transformation in healthcare.  We have spent the last ten years re-engineering a physician practice to produce quantifiably better results.  Based on that experience, we KNOW that great people, great software, great process, and great data can fundamentally reshape the care delivery model.  Healthcare, as an industry has great intentions, but lacks the tools and knowledge to consistently deliver on those intentions.  We have codified our experience into a solution that enables all healthcare stakeholders to drive and realize greater healthcare value.

Today, Candescent is focused on enabling transformation in radiology.  Why radiology?

  • It is huge ($70B annually in the U.S.), touches most patients and disease categories, and has a significant impact on both financial and clinical outcomes (single most profitable service line for hospitals and significant driver of downstream spend).
  • It has big problems: mal-distribution of expertise, high avoidable error rates, no performance standards, significant overutilization, limited clinical integration, anachronistic/expensive technology (PACS), low physician throughput, declining reimbursements, clinical anonymity, and a highly fragmented market,
  • It is digital.

The last point is the critical one.  Radiology is one of the few medical specialties where almost 100% of care delivery is digital (radiologists read images on a computer and produce a diagnosis, which is delivered across a variety of media).  Because the predominant unit of work is digital, workflow, from a business process engineering perspective, can be applied to systematically improve both the quality and the compliance of outcomes (clinical and financial).

Armed with the right tools, support, and data, radiologists can deliver better care, communicate more effectively with clinicians, improve productivity, enjoy practicing, AND delivery greater healthcare value.  Our vision is that radiologists will transform their delivery model, quantify the real value that they create, and be at the forefront of healthcare delivery.

Now is the time to make this transition, and we are here to help the bold transformers.  All of us at Candescent Health are motivated by enabling these transformers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and collaborating with you, on this exciting healthcare journey.