mission-iconCandescent Health is on a mission to significantly improve the accuracy, speed and value of diagnostics

We know it’s achievable.

Our team spent the past decade operating a cloud-based radiology optimization service that radically changed the professional component of radiology delivery for the better. We now provide that service for hospitals that want to do the same.  Along the way, we’ve expanded our service to also help hospitals deliver greater value by improving the technical component. 

We understand complexity and we know how to bring you simplicity:

  • efficient workflows
  • lower costs through cloud-based technology
  • better productivity and consistency

We support you.

Candescent Health was launched in 2015 to bring our service to help every provider – from the smallest to largest – deliver better diagnostic care. Our team has managed millions of studies at one of the top radiology companies in the U.S., where we built an infrastructure that allowed us to continuously improve.  We learned it takes great technology, the right set of support services, meaningful data insights, and a connected community.  That’s why the service we deliver has it all.

Because every moment counts…

CH logo copyWe’ve built a passionate and nimble team that is 100% committed to making a better, future healthcare. We’ve invested over $30MM in the software and service infrastructure that supports our business, and is trusted by numerous health systems including the Cleveland Clinic. We’ve found a way to leverage the cloud to bring down the cost of healthcare while helping to better connect you with your co-workers, your peers and your patients.