Cleveland Clinic Partnership: “Enabling better care and better value through better workflow”

By Scott Seidelmann, CEO of Candescent Health











Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Cleveland Clinic. We are coming together to improve the way that care is delivered and ultimately increase overall healthcare value. According to Cleveland Clinic’s Vice Chair for Diagnostic Radiology Research and Academics Michael Phillips, M.D., “Through this sophisticated workflow system, radiologists will be able to streamline and eliminate administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on patient care and the clinical work we were all trained to do.” With more than 195 radiologists conducting over 2.5 million studies annually, including the full range of subspecialist capabilities, Cleveland Clinic already is one of the nation’s top five radiology providers.

So, exactly how will we do that?

  1. Allow for Interoperability: We will integrate our workflow software into RIS and PACS, and enable an easy interface for radiologists to collect all information and read cases.
  2. Define “Key Performance Indicators:”We will help define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that really matter such as error rates, length of stay (LOS) and the total cost of care.  We will then establish a baseline for those KPIs, help the practices determine standards and goals and then configure our software and processes with rules that enable our end-users to achieve these goals.  Our scheduling software suggests possible physician schedules that will meet the desired KPIs.
  3. Our rules engine drives workflow: We will configure the practice’s KPI into our rules engine, which in turn will route cases across the enterprise to meet those KPIs. And – we will re-route, and re-route, and re-route if necessary.
  4. Provide 24×7 support: We will dedicate a team of 24×7 call center representatives to support the radiologists. Through our software, this support team will be available at the push of a button to help radiologists deliver critical results, collect missing information and connect them with clinicians for consultations. Our goal is to take as much of the administrative work off of the radiologists’ plate and allow them to practice at the top of their license.
  5. Arrange a team of analysts: We will dedicate a team of analysts to each practice that will monitor its performance against its goals, compare its performance to our benchmarks and suggest ways that the practice could adjust schedules or route cases differently to continuously improve performance. Our analysts will also work to define ways to measure and improve radiology’s impact on ED throughput, LOS and ultimately on the total cost of care in an at-risk population.

Simply put, the tail needs to stop wagging the dog. We are not here to just mail you a CD of the software and say, “Good luck!” Where a practice’s core competency is delivering best-in-class care, our competency is getting healthcare software to do what it’s supposed to do: improve care, make doctors happy and increase the overall value. We are a partner, not a vendor. And like a partner, success will be about delivering value to patients, radiologists and the hospital as a whole, not about getting the software installed and keeping the lights on. We are going to measure that value and be accountable for its improvement. Through our partnership’s success, we will show our healthcare industry that a better care delivery model will ultimately drive better healthcare value.