What’s in a name?

candescent (adj | can·des·cent):
glowing from, or as if from, great heat

For well over a decade, radiologists have been feeling the heat—demands for more reads turned around faster, while contending with growing patient volumes, rapidly evolving diagnostic …

Inside with Jamie Dulude – Architecting the Future of Radiology

Meet Jamie Dulude. A New Englander at heart, Jamie works out of our Boston headquarters as Director Principal Architect.  He spent years working for a local and successful online retailer before making the switch to healthcare. Today, he’s focused on 

Interview with Sheridan Healthcare’s Dr. Chad Kelman

Dr. Chad Kelman, a 20 year radiology veteran, has always found caring for his patients and their families the most rewarding part of his career. In our newest blog interview, Dr. Kelman shares his most memorable moments as a radiologist, …

Introducing Myself and Our Mission

By Scott Seidelmann, CEO, Candescent Health

“Never, never, never give up.” It’s my favorite quote by Winston Churchill, one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.  Making any changes in healthcare, let alone transforming it, requires tough work,

Enabling Care Transformation

By Scott Seidelmann, CEO, Candescent Health – September 30, 2015
Welcome to the Candescent Health blog, where we share our view on breaking healthcare news, major industry trends and how providers are reshaping the care delivery model to deliver real …