Interview with Sheridan Healthcare’s Dr. Chad Kelman

Dr. Chad Kelman, a 20 year radiology veteran, has always found caring for his patients and their families the most rewarding part of his career. In our newest blog interview, Dr. Kelman shares his most memorable moments as a radiologist, the importance of transparency in demonstrating value and what excites him most about our partnership.

You’ve been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Favorite moment?

IMG_20151116_185133It’s hard to imagine I have been practicing for this long. I guess the expression is true, “when you are having fun, time flies.”

My professional rewards have occurred in stages. Early on, being mentored by very knowledgeable and influential instructors ultimately led to my choice of becoming an interventional radiologist as a part of a diverse, moderate-sized private practice. Once I had settled into practice, I started to become more actively involved with operational management and making the necessary adjustments for a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery and reimbursement models. Now further along in my career, it’s rewarding being a leadership member of a team of physicians. I am able to collaborate with larger networks and innovative resources to expand on our strengths through peak performance efficiencies, and allow for transparency with the highest achievable quality metrics all while minimizing inherent redundancies.

Having said that, my favorite and most rewarding moments have always been, and will always be, taking care of patients and their families.

You’d spoken before about the importance of transparency in radiology. Would you expand on this? 

Transparency underscores the basic principle that we, as human beings, make mistakes; some are small insignificant errors and others not so small. These errors can be the result of an action taken by the provider or institution, or it can just be IT-related.  What matters most is that they all share the same burden to reduce errors, which may or may not affect the outcome of an individual patient’s care. Therefore, it is imperative that we not only recognize this fact, but also take the initiative to create the highest achievable standards of care.  We then need to publish our outcomes, analyses and remedies in a timely manner. Soon enough, this strategic goal will also be tied into value-based reimbursement models.

As Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Sheridan’s South Florida practice, what is your number one priority this year? What is your top concern?

We need to provide a consistent “best practice” standard of care model, where we can collaborate our resources, maintain and improve physician satisfaction, and provide an irreplaceable service to our clients.

My concern is that there are always a lot of moving parts, so meeting set timelines can become a challenge.

We’re excited about our partnership with Sheridan.  What most excites you about leveraging RadPerform? 

We believe the resources that Candescent offers through RadPerform will allow our network of facilities and vast subspecialists to deliver the necessary best practices of patient care in a very timely manner, possibly even resetting the bar for standard-based care.