Interview with Dr. Maria Rodriguez, SVP of Radiology Services at Sheridan Healthcare

SHCR_Icons_Rad_jpgFor more than 25 years, Dr. Maria Rodriguez has dedicated her career to the practice of radiology. She has been working at Sheridan Health Corporation, the largest hospital-based radiology practice in the country, since 2006. She started there as Chief Medical Officer and later transitioned to Senior Vice President of Radiology Services. In our latest blog interview, Dr. Rodriguez reveals her top strategic priorities for Sheridan, what she would change about the practice of radiology and how she sees our partnership impacting patient care. Here’s what she had to say:

You received your Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry before choosing medical school. Why did you decide to pursue a career in radiology?

I liked the fact that radiology touched all aspects of medicine. I also liked the innovation and cutting-edge technology being developed for the specialty.

As the Senior Vice President for Sheridan’s Radiology Services, what are your top three strategic priorities this year?

My first priority is the integration of all practices to be a success here at Sheridan. Another main focus is continued engagement of our doctors within the Sheridan team as a way to keep up with our rapid growth and keep ahead of regulation changes associated with new Medicare (MACRA) laws.

As someone who has experience as both a radiologist and as a department head, what are some of the different challenges and similarities for each role?

Challenges and similarities are one in the same. In having the view of both sides from a high level, the challenge is how to achieve a balance between what the physicians, patients and facilities want and need, coupled with how we can come up with an operational and economic model that is sustainable over the long term.

If there was one thing you could change about the practice of radiology, what would it be?

xray_1357h0019I would accelerate the change into a distributive model of service more dependent on technology. It seems referring physicians and facilities are still very much attached to the onsite model of service. Radiology has always led the way for the rest of medicine, but we are behind when compared to other industries. Technology will remove all the inefficiencies and help us concentrate on the practice of medicine.

How do you foresee RadPerform positively impacting your organization?  What excites you most about our partnership?

Live data and analytics will be very helpful to share our successes and work on our opportunities. This will lead to better quality of service, gained efficiencies and awareness by the Radiologists, and overall better patient care.

By partnering with Candescent Health, I get to work with energetic, knowledgeable people that have the ability to grow and to collaborate with a startup that will impact the future of healthcare.