What Does Better Look Like?

– Reduce administrative tasks  – Share cases across practice when you’re overloaded or uncomfortable  – Consult with your peers on difficult cases  – Be able to cross cover facilities from anywhere  – Share best practices and data to improve as a team  – Get a better understanding of the value you create for patients, payers and hospitals

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A Better Way

We help make change easier. We get to know you and your practice and help you optimize your workflow by unburdening your teams with the right combination of software, people and shared knowledge.
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  • Software
    Cloud-based technology designed by, and for, radiologists
  • Support
    People and tools configured to unburden your team
  • Insights
    Benchmarks, dashboards and analytics based on millions of studies
  • Network
    A way to share, learn and connect with peers

How Our Service Can Help You

What Our Partners are Saying

“Radiology practices today need to embrace technology in new ways to transform their care delivery models and deliver better healthcare value. Candescent Health’s RadPerform service enables our radiologists to deliver better patient care more efficiently.”

Maria Rodriguez, M.D.
Senior Vice President, Radiology Services, Sheridan Healthcare


Empowering You to Thrive


  • What’s in a name?

    candescent (adj | can·des·cent): glowing from, or as if from, great heat   For well over a decade, radiologists have been feeling the heat—demands for more reads turned around faster, while contending with growing patient volumes, rapidly …» Read More