A Better Radiology

Radiology is the start of a patient’s healthcare journey… the catalyst for treatment decisions… and the driver of downstream costs. It’s time to be better connected, supported and valued for the work you do.

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RadPerform – Bringing Accuracy, Speed and Value to Diagnostics

Over the past decade, our cloud-based service has dramatically improved the professional component of radiology care delivery. Today, our service can now help hospitals deliver greater value by improving the technical component.

Giving you software is easy; helping you achieve continuous improvement is the challenge. But we’re up for it. It’s why every partner leverages cloud-based technology, unparalleled services, ongoing data insight and a connected radiology community. We can help you make every moment, every dollar count.
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  • Cloud Technology
    Cloud-based technology helps you deliver better care more efficiently the best possible care at the most responsible cost
  • 24/7/365 Support
    Real-time support to unburden your team, plus radiology experts to optimize your performance
  • Performance Analytics
    Millions of studies over past decade aggregated and analyzed to help create superior reports, benchmarks and dashboards
  • Connected Community
    Connect with others to share and learn from peers, give and get consults, and access remote reads

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“Radiology practices today need to embrace technology in new ways to transform their care delivery models and deliver better healthcare value. Candescent Health’s RadPerform service enables our radiologists to deliver better patient care more efficiently.”

Maria Rodriguez, M.D.
Senior Vice President, Radiology Services, Sheridan Healthcare


The New Look of Radiology


  • What’s in a name?

    candescent (adj | can·des·cent): glowing from, or as if from, great heat   For well over a decade, radiologists have been feeling the heat—demands for more reads turned around faster, while contending with growing patient volumes, rapidly …» Read More